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A chemical pure Y2O3 powder sample was sintered at 1400°C for 72 hours. The analysis of remaining size/microstrain was carried out using raytraced plus tube tails corrected FPA lines. The XRD 3000 TT diffractometer was operated with a Cu long fine focus tube, fixed divergence slits, primary beam soller collimator, 0.2 mm receiving slit and a curved secondary beam graphite monochromator. This geometry results in a FWHM of 0.07 deg at 30 deg for the Cu Kα1 part of the profile. Rwp=7.18% was reached using a 4601 point scan with Rexp=5.77%. Microstrain was estimated as being zero. The size broadening correspondents to a mean crystallite size of 639(9) nm. This small sample-caused broadening was used in the further computations.