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Recent news

  • Sep 9 2010 We deeply mourning the loss of Dr. Joerg Bergmann. Joerg passed away after a long desired transplantation operation. We will try to continue his work on BGMN.
  • Aug 31 2010,version 5.1.8: minor enhancement. Usability extended until Mar 31 2011.
  • Aug 7 2010, version 5.1.7: minor enhancements.
  • Aug 5 2010, version 5.1.6: Due to bad source code management, a bug in index as fixed in the past was recently reinvented. Fixed, hopefully finally.
  • Aug 3 2010, version 5.1.5: minor bug fixed.
  • July 30 2010, version 5.1.4: Further bugfixes plus improvements. Version 5.1.3 has shown to run OK on intel mac.
  • July 29 2010, version 5.1.3: Further bugfixes. The mac version will run with extended precision on intel mac now (still untestet). On ppc mac, the universal binary will use standard precision.

For less recent news, see the BGMN history.

BGMN Purchase

At the moment, there is no option to purchase a full version of BGMN for commercial purpose. Alternatively, you may ask for AUTOQUAN, a more commercial graphical user interface (GUI) specialized to the common task of quantitative analysis, from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies GmbH (formerly AGFA NDT Pantak Seifert resp. Rich. Seifert & Co). Please mail to

Academic users

For Academic users (university members, similar schools and university-related institutes) it is planned to distribute BGMN via the webpage of the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg, Mineralogical Institute, beginning in 2012. We will place a link here ...

Demo version

There is a DEMO version of BGMN/BGMNwin available on this site, the only restriction: maximum pattern length of 1001 data points. Like common for shareware, you may check out the DEMO version prior to pay for the full or academic version.


Dr. J. Bergmann, Ludwig-Renn-Allee 14, D-01217 Dresden, Germany,
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