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BGMN Application: Standard Sample Kaolin Spergau

Dr. R. Kleeberg

Sample preparation:


Table 1: Phase parameters for calculation
Phase Lattice parameter count Prefered orientation Peak shape model Special features
quartz 2 4th order crystallite size -
kaolinite 6 2th order clay disorder model -
muscovite 2M1 4 2th order crystallite size
and micro strain
site occupation for K+
Illite 1Mt 4 - crystallite size
and micro strain
svanbergite 2 4th oder,
automatic reduced
to 2th order
crystallite size
and micro strain
anatase 2 - crystallite size -

Results: (recalculated using BGMNwin on December 2005)
Rwp = 8.6 %; calculation time: 7 min;

Table 2: Calculation results (weight %)
Phase Nominal content Rietveld content
quartz 15.0 16.2
kaolinite 71.6 71.6
muscovite 2M1 12.8 (illite) muscovite 2M1 9.0
Illite1Mt 0.9
accessories - Svanbergite 1.0
Anatase 0.7

Figure 1: Observed, calculated and difference pattern for the kaolin Spergau sample kaolinspergau.png